Swedish Massage is the most commonly known as "the gentle massage" due to the full
hand contact and soft flowing strokes.  Great choice for the first timer or anyone who
seeks stress reduction, rejuvenation, and an improved outlook on the day.  (1/2 to 2

Deep Tissue Massage is more muscle, ligament, and tendon specific that Swedish
Massage.  By working with your pressure tolerance we keep you relaxed while we work
out the "knots" in your muscles.  Perfect choice if you experience a lot of muscular tension
or simply love a more intense massage.  (1/2 or 2 hours)

Detox Soak stimulates the immune system and relieves muscles and tissue of toxins.

Dry Body Brushing helps your Lymph System to clean itself of the toxins that collect
in the lymph glands and 0pens pores.

Sugar/Salt Body Scrub gently removes dead cells, promotes circulation and
polishes the skin.

Algae Mud Body Wrap helps nourish and heel the skin.

Facial Clay Masque deep cleans the skin pores, removing dirt and impurities stored in
the epidermis.
Explanation of our Massages and Holistic Services